Friday, March 1, 2019

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Monday, August 27, 2018

ECON Course Limit

Starting Fall 2018, students can only register for a maximum of 3 ECON courses.

When Fall registration opens in a few weeks, a block on the registration system will prevent students from signing up for more than 3 ECON courses. This course limit will be strictly enforced given the nature of ECON coursework and sequential structure of the curriculum. To make the most of the early registration period, all students must plan ahead and should:
  1. Review Course Information on Testudo - Use the Syllabus Repository (across from the course title) to view previous syllabi for examples of content covered and typical assignments. Check the course Prerequisites, Restrictions, and Duplicate Courses to make sure you are eligible to take this course.
  2. Talk to your peers - use UMD Course Evaluations to get student perspectives on instructor teaching style and course content. 
  3. Talk to an Advisor - an ECON advisor can help you with questions about your remaining major requirements and information about course options.  ECON advising is available on a walk-in basis Monday through Friday from 10am-4:30pm. Please come in and see an ECON advisor if you have any questions about registration.
This change in registration will require earlier research on courses but will give students more options and earlier opportunities to register for the ECON courses needed to make progress in the major. Exceptions to the 3 ECON course limit will be made only in very rare circumstances so it is essential that you plan accordingly.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Advisor Development Summer Analyst Program, Bank of America

Our 10-week summer internship will provide you with a solid understanding of the financial services industry through a variety of learning opportunities and business specific training in one of the following tracks: Financial Center, Merrill Edge, or Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

The intern experience includes formal orientation at the start of the program in addition to on-the-job support, educational speaker events and mentorship throughout. Regardless of the track you choose, interns have access to a robust national curriculum designed to build business acumen, provide exposure to our advisor career paths and develop the skills needed to be successful in our business.

Application due by October 14, 2018. 

For more information and to apply visit the Bank of America website.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Quantitative Researcher, Jane Street

Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm that uses innovative technology, a scientific approach, and a deep understanding of markets to guide our business. We are a global liquidity provider and market maker, operating around the clock and around the globe, out of offices in New York, London and Hong Kong.

The markets change rapidly, and we need to change faster still. Every day, we come to work with new problems to solve, new systems to build and new theories to test. We’re always looking for people to join us and help come up with that next great idea.

The environment is intellectual and collaborative, relaxed and playful, with a strong focus on education. You’ll learn about trading and our technology stack through in-house classes, guest lectures, and on-the-job experiences. You’ll have the freedom to get involved in many different areas of the business and we’re small enough that you can quickly and clearly see the impact of your work.
At Jane Street, we consider trading and programming to be two ends of a continuum. As both a trading firm and a tech firm, we have room for people who love to trade, people who love to program, and people everywhere in between. Nearly all of our traders write code, and many of our developers trade. The role you carve out for yourself will be largely dependent on your strengths and the types of problems you enjoy thinking about.

Researchers at Jane Street are responsible for building models, strategies, and systems that price and trade a variety of financial instruments. As a mix of the trading and software developer roles, this work involves many things: analyzing large datasets, building and testing models, creating new trading strategies, and writing the code that implements them.

To learn more, log on to Careers4Terps and search ID #125243.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Research Associate, American Bankers Association

The American Bankers Association, ABA, is currently seeking a Research Associate who will provide critical analysis on the banking industry, banking policy and economic issues. The Research Associate will be responsible for tracking economic and policy developments, communicating pertinent information to the team, undertaking analysis of relevant issues, and providing perspectives and insights via presentations and interactions with team members, ABA staff and senior executives. This role has a degree of independence to pursue emerging issues.

Key Responsibilities Include:
  • Tracking economic indicators and providing commentary and analysis through daily post to ABA Banking Journal website
  • Analyzing banking industry data to provide insights on industry trends and issues
  • Following policy developments, identifying important issues and provide analysis to internal staff
  • Creating presentations for senior management to present complex messages in more easily understood terms through the use of tables and charts
  • Supporting coworkers in a team effort – expected to coordinate work with others in the office to assure accuracy in a fast-paced environment; and producing informational products to articulate the impacts of regulations to banks and policymakers.
For more information and to apply see the full post on the ABA website.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Are you an International Student Interested in a Leadership Position? Apply Now for ISU Officer Positions!

Leadership positions are available with the UMD International Student Union for 2018-19. The International Student Union (ISU) was created in fall of 2014 by two BSOS students to encourage the UMD student body to embrace its diversity and help international students easily integrate into the UMD community.

All officers are expected to attend one monthly meeting in person and one monthly meeting remotely. Open positions include:
  • Vice President for Financial Security – develop a directory of scholarships open to international students (BSOS offers ten!) and suggest additions to the list of current budget-friendly resources. Appropriate for organized students interested in doing informal research. 
  • Vice President for Marketing and Recruitment – use your graphic design and communication skills to draw more attention to the ISU and to expand its membership. Possible ideas include chalking, advertising in the Student Involvement Suite or on the UMD Shuttle Buses. What are your marketing ideas? ISU also plans to start an Instagram account in September. Appropriate for a creative and outgoing student.
  • Vice President for Social Connection/Cross-Cultural Understanding – assist with plans for a panel of seasoned students giving tips to new students and an outing to DC in the fall, as well as a spring international fashion show. What additional ideas do you have for fun, inexpensive and inclusive events? Appropriate for an outgoing student.

Interested? Email Kathryn Hopps, ISU Co-Advisor, to learn more about officer duties.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Fall Internships, Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a non-profit, bipartisan public policy organization established in 1962 to provide strategic insights and practical policy solutions to decision makers concerned with global security and prosperity. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the largest organizations of its kind, with a staff of some 200 employees, including more than 120 analysts working to address the changing dynamics of international security across the globe.

All of the following internships are full time, except as noted, and require that the student is at least a junior. Click on each title to read a full description and to apply.
Additional internships, some for graduate students, may be found on the CSIS website.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Quantitative Analyst, D.E. Shaw Group

Quants at the D. E. Shaw group apply mathematical techniques and write software to develop, analyze, and implement statistical models for our computerized financial trading strategies. They utilize their creativity and innovation to create novel approaches to trade profitably in markets around the globe. Specific responsibilities range from leveraging financial data in an effort to increase profitability, decrease risk, and reduce transaction costs to conceiving new trading ideas, formulating them into systematic strategies, and critically evaluating their performance. Successful quant candidates have traditionally been exceptionally talented students at the top of their respective statistics, math, physics, engineering, and computer science programs; a considerable number have also competed successfully in the United States and International Math Olympiads as well as the Putnam Competition.

Interested candidates can apply here. Other opportunities are available.

Forensic Economics Internship.

Forensic Economist Intern Program:  September --December 2018 (Unpaid)

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission - Division of Enforcement

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is an independent agency mandated to regulate commodity futures, swaps and options trading in the United States. Through oversight and regulation, the CFTC fosters open, competitive, and financially sound futures and option markets, and protects market participants against manipulation, abusive practices, and fraud related to the sale of commodity and financial futures and options.

The Division of Enforcement investigates and prosecutes alleged violations of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC regulations. For example, the Division brings enforcement actions against: individuals and firms registered with the Commission; those who violate these laws in connection with their trading commodity futures and options on designated domestic exchanges; those who improperly market futures and options contracts to retail investors or perpetrate Ponzi schemes; those who use manipulative or deceptive schemes in connection with commodities, futures or swaps; and those who engage in disruptive trading practices. The Division bases investigations on information it develops independently, as well as information provided by other Commission Divisions, industry self-regulatory associations, state, federal, and international authorities, and members of the public. At the conclusion of an investigation, the Division may recommend that the Commission initiate administrative proceedings or seek injunctive and ancillary relief on behalf of the Commission in United States District Courts around the country.

Description of the Program:
The Division of Enforcement selects graduate or undergraduate candidates seeking a degree in Economics or other quantitative disciplines each semester to work as unpaid Forensic Economist Interns in its Washington, D.C. headquarters. Participants will work with the Division’s Forensic Economist Unit for approximately twenty (20) to forty (40) hours per week. Interns may arrange to earn course credit through their school for work performed during their CFTC internship.
The intern serves as a technical expert for assisting Division of Enforcement staff in conducting legal investigations into certain activities observed in derivatives markets. The intern will utilize empirical research and analytical tools to advise Division of Enforcement attorneys, investigators and economists on assigned commodity markets to assess whether trading conduct by certain entities is potentially in violation of anti-manipulation or anti-disruptive trading practice provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act or related Commission Regulations. Interns will also have the opportunity to attend Industry/Legal/Technical Training Programs alongside CFTC staff on such topics as futures trading, electronic markets, swaps, energy derivatives, international futures markets and regulation, forex, and trade practices.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Promoting Achievement and Diversity in Economics - Apply by Aug. 1st!

The Department of Economics is currently accepting applications for the third cohort of students in a Department Initiative called Promoting Achievement and Diversity in Economics (PADE).  PADE is a year-long program that offers advising, academic support, and professional development opportunities. Participants will attend weekly study sessions for economics and math classes and occasional seminars with faculty or professional economists in the DC area. PADE is designed to increase diversity in economics by supporting traditionally under-represented students who major in economics, particularly those exploring the BS degree, and those who are considering graduate study in economics or a related field. By providing resources and personalized advising that are not typically available in large majors, PADE will enhance your educational experience and help you clarify and achieve your academic goals.

If you are interested in participating in PADE, please contact Jessica Goldberg ( for more information. You can apply to participate in the program by completing this form. Applications are due by August 1st.