Friday, March 3, 2017

AXA Advisors Externship - Information Session

2017 AXA Advisors Next Step Externship
Wednesday, March 8th
Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Thurgood Marshall (Room 2113)

The Next Step Externship Program is a unique opportunity designed for college juniors and seniors who would like to further their knowledge of the financial industry. It is intended to help them transition from backpacks to briefcases and jump-start their career search process.

This Externship ISN’T:
  • An Internship: There is no outside work or long commitment required;
  • Time consuming: This 3-day program is designed to maximize students’ time efficiently while making sure to educate potential candidates as thoroughly as possible. The program is broken down into three separate sessions throughout the
  • A Class: there are no tests or credit provided, however, the externship can be added to students’ resum├ęs as a boost;

This Externship IS:
  • Hands on: Participate in workshops and case studies designed to give a comprehensive explanation of what a financial
  • Informational: This externship breaks down AXA Advisors onboarding process and helps explain the strong relationship between the company and their financial professionals;
  • Networking Opportunities: Get a chance to meet fellow students who share a common interest and passion for helping people, as well as expand your network by meeting professionals who will provide advice and insight into the financial industry;
  • A Stepping Stone: Create your own experience: use the Externship as a foot-in-the-door to joining AXA Advisors

Due to the hands on approach of this program, space is very limited and there is an interview process to secure your spot. If you are interested in joining the Next Externship Program, please reach out to for the next steps in applying.

For additional information about this event contact Michael Maiden at